Mobile Apps for Elementary Students

EDU 210

Below are Microsoft apps that can be used for personal mobile learning for children in grades K - 8.

Alphabet Writing

Alphabet writing teaches children how to write by tracing the alphabet. The app shows you how to write the letter and it also gives you hints on where the child traced the letter wrong. This app would be a good tool for children just learning how to print.

Times Tables

Times tables creates a fun way for children to memorize there times tables without the pressure of learning in the classroom. Children can practice at their own pace and on their own time. This app would be useful for children struggling with multiplication.

Math 4 Kids

Math 4 kids is a set of basic mathematical applications that helps children develop their memory and attention while also increasing speed. This app would be great for children wanting extra practice on their math skills or for those children struggling with their math skills.

Alphabet for Children

Alphabet for children allows children to identify letters of the alphabet. When you press a letter it plays the letter sound. This would be a great app for children in kindergarten to get a grasp of the alphabet.

Kids Math Tests

Kids math tests allows children or parents to create math tests to show what the child knows. It replaces the traditional way of using paper and thinking of the questions on your own. This app would be a good practice for children struggling with any math operations or for those who like to have their own practice math tests.