Four Tips to Manage This Challenge of Disruption

For 25 years, Let Me Learn has worked to help people take in the world around them, make sense of it, and respond appropriately. In these trying times of disruptive change, we offer you four tips to do just that.

1) Have a plan. Big or small, have a plan for each day. As humans we thrive when we have "activation and organization structures in our lives." When we find ourselves in unchartered waters, whether we Use Sequence First or Avoid it, we need a way to establish constancy.

Having a plan provides us with the stability we crave. An example of a simple plan is to divide your days into a minimum of three activities:

a) accomplish a designated work task;

b) engage in 45 minutes of physical activity; and

c) remove yourself from your home environment for up to an hour to regenerate your mind and body.

If at all possible be outdoors. If required to remain indoors, take a virtual trip at https://www.travelandleisure.com/attractions/museums-galleries/museums-with-virtual-tours?utm_source=emailshare&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=email-share-article&utm_content=20200319. So what’s your daily plan? Remember: work, move, regenerate!

2) Read for renewal. You are surrounded with information on social media and cable news about COVID-19. And while it is important to be informed, it is not helpful when it becomes information overload.

Give your Precision a break. Don't abandon it, just redirect it. Pick up that fiction or non-fiction book you've been meaning to download and read. Now is the perfect opportunity to dust off that travel book on the shelf that you've been meaning to explore. Use your Precision to take a mental break from the onslaught of words and data that weigh heavy on your mind.

Come to terms with your Precision and take action by:

a) determining the nature and amount of information you want to put into your mind; then

b) allowing yourself to escape with a good book or a light read!

3) Accomplish something meaningful. Okay, so you can't do the things you ordinarily do, do what you can and make what you do purposeful. Make it count.

Employ your Technical Reasoning and think of what you might do for someone else who could use your skills to make their life better. Take action and:

a) check on someone's health status;

b) post an encouragement to someone; and

c) get up, get moving, and get something done for someone else!

4) Imagine your well-being. This is not the time to let your Confluence get away from you. Neither is it a time to allow your Avoidance of Confluence to fill you with fear. Things around you may be changing rapidly, so instead of being a victim of change, become the manager of change and use it to focus on a future state of well-being.

Take action and:

a) employ different forms of reflection and relaxation (yoga, meditation, or prayer) to center your thoughts and see beyond your current stressors;

b) Identify how you can embrace rather than reject and lament the change that surrounds you; and finally

c) identify three specific ways you can contribute to and shape a positive outcome for yourself as well as others near and dear to you.

25th Anniversary Changes from a Celebration to Calibration!

Every day, we at LML celebrate our 25 years of insights and contributions to learners of all ages and stages. So while our June 5th celebration is cancelled and will now become our 25 years + 1 celebration, we want you to know that we stand ready to support your self-awareness by offering our, ”Becoming a Mindful Person: Understanding What Makes You Tick,” FREE OF CHARGE for the next 25 days!

As a result of completing this 30-minute course, you will better understand:

  • how to control your reaction to the changes currently occurring in your and your family's life routine;
  • how to cope and manage your reaction to the overwhelming amount of information you are currently being required to absorb; and finally
  • how to develop a Personal Learning Profile that helps you live with greater self-awareness, greater intention, and greater success!
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