Find Opportunity in the West!

Pioneer Women

Are you...

  • single?
  • married?
  • seeking a husband?
  • traveling with your husband?
  • widowed?
  • pregnant?
  • African American?
  • looking for opportunity?

The West May Be Best for You!

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The Journey

Join a quarter of a million Americans and travel along a trail of 2,000 miles over a short course of only four to six months! This trail goes through desert, mountain passes, streams and rivers. All the while, travel in a covered wagon with a donkey or oxen. There's not much room for possessions so you can simply throw them all away. How convenient!

What to do

The trip is hardly boring. Be challenged by Indians, disease, fear of drowning, frostbite, giving birth in the wild, your children dying, and lack of food supplies. All the while, don't forget to cook, wash clothes, sew, clean, garden, run a household, and take care of the children.

"The roads have been very dusty, no water, nothing but dust and dead cattle all day, the air filled with the odor from the dead cattle."

-Amelia Stewart Knight


Make a difference and keep education the most important for your newborn children along the way. Create and organize churches, schools and libraries so that your legacy is known long after.

Escape to the West

If you're African American, you can find freedom in the West. We don't believe in slavery, which is why it is banned. You can even file a lawsuit if your owner comes back to claim you, as Biddy Mason did.

Your Rights as a Woman

In the West, your rights have been even more emphasized with the right to vote a full 20 years ahead of the rest of the country! Take pride in your freedom to vote as equals.