Hurricane Katrina

The Eyes of the Prey

The Predator, the Hurricane. The Prey, the citizens.

The dreadful day of August 29, 2005, will be a day remembered. The number of lives taken was beyond grief, and the people who have lived bring a story with them. They transfer this moment to other curious and worrisome people. In this article you will be reading direct quotes from a survivor of this catastrophe, Hurricane Katrina. His quote will describe the lack of help from the government.

The Government Response, In the eyes of Michael Homan

"The immediate federal response for relief was so incredibly inept it left many of us to wonder if the lack of support was deliberate. This gross inaction while so many people suffered and died occurred in the world's richest country, and it makes me so angry with the government" -Michael Homan

Interesting Facts

  • Katrina exploded to an outstanding Category 5 over the Gulf of Mexico!
  • 1836 people found were dead , and 705 were not even found.
  • The total damage cost was around 110$ BILLION!
  • There were up 140 MPH winds during the hurricane!

The Governments Actions

"As the situation unfolded, it became clear that the government’s response was inadequate and inefficient. The federal government did not have adequate information concerning the true devastation that the hurricane had caused (White House)."-written by Debarshi Chaudhuri. The government had unsuccessfully dealt with this hurricane, causing an increased number of innocent people dying. This could have been easily fixed if they sent in more people to deal with this issue.

"The government’s response to natural disasters is certainly something that can be improved." - written by Debarshi Chaudhuri. We could all be interacting with the government and trying to convince more people to assist during a hurricane evacuation to insure the safety of all citizens.

Be Aware! There are multiple ways to change the outcome!

The government may not always have efficient ways to deal with issues during a natural disaster, so we always have to be aware about this in difficult times. Look ahead to future issues and be aware of what is to come to be better prepared. This is a great way to keep yourself one move ahead of everyone else, which is just one other way to change the outcome when a catastrophe happens.