Chemistry Demo Day!

at St. Mary's College of Maryland

The Chemistry Department at St. Mary's College of Maryland invites you and your AP Chemistry students to experience college-level chemistry!

Through the use of our equipment, materials, and hands-on experiments, we provide your students with a morning of chemistry explorations that will hopefully leave them wanting to learn more!

The Chemistry labs can safely accommodate 18-24 students. Experiments will be monitored by SMCM Chem students, lab coordinators, and faculty.

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Chemistry Day Schedule

9ish: Students arrive and our introduced to the chemistry department at St. Mary’s

- Discussion of what it means to study chemistry at the college level and what you can do with that major.

- Tour of the department and labs.

9:30: From Vomit to Perfume!: An Organic Esters Lab

- During this lab students will transform a substance that smells like vomit into esters that smell like pineapple, rum, or apple.

- Students will experience how to:

  • set up a reflux
  • set up and use a condenser
  • decant liquids
  • pipet
  • smell lots of smells (both good and bad )

During the Organic Lab: During the organic lab there is one hour of ‘cook’ time. During this time we will have St. Mary’s students present to answer any questions about college life, coursework, the chemistry department, etc.

11:00: What happens when 1.5 million hearts beat in the same place at the same time?

- A thermite demonstration

- In this demonstration students will witness about 1.5 million J of energy being released by the chemical reaction (it’s quite impressive with sparks and a flash and such).

- A discussion can be led based on the thermodynamics behind the demonstration, and can be tailored to the level of the class.

Noon: Students return to school or go to the Great Room for lunch

Photos from Chemistry Demo Day

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If you are interested in scheduling a field trip, please contact Dr. Kelly Neiles!