Free the Children

Carter Weitekamp

Free Education

For people in poverty, this will financially benefit them

The wealthy population of the U.S. have to pay for education so that everybody is equal, the poor has to have very little and in some cases nothing at all

All children in a community (in the U.S.) have the opportunity to attend school; therefore, gain knowledge and be more successful than those without an education
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Children Are Setting Fires

Children are sitting around doing nothing which can cause some kids to get bored; therefore, kids will find ways to entertain themselves (not always safe)

Studies show that children with few to no activities, and too much time are on their hands, tend to get into mischief easier than those with a busy schedule

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A Successful U.S. Citizen

Free education will help the people to become more successful, giving them more of an opportunity to be successful and earn a higher income (to support family members) than those without education

Religious based schools can influence a child's ideas thoughts about the world

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Join Horace Mann

Known as the "Father of American Public Schools"

Worked to make education available to all types of students; the lower and middle class can get an education

The amount of illiteracy is too high!

Who was Horace Mann?

-Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education

-Prominent proponent of public school reform

-Set the standard for public schools throughout the nation

Join Horace Mann to be part of a movement that could possibly change everything!

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