The Holocaust

Andy Ko Academic 4

Do you know what the holocaust is? The holocaust was a event where six million jews were killed. The jews were controlled by the Naxi party. The Naxis were ruled by a dictator, Adolf Hitler. The holocaust was a terrible event led by Adolf Hitler, who was also the leader of his party.

The jews were being controlled by Hitler. The naxis also controlled the jews. The naxis held jews in concentration camps where they were put in gas chambers, caught deadly diseases, and died of starvation. Adolf Hitler was taking full power of the jews they captured. The naxis took orders from Hitler and had to do so or else they were punished. The jews had to listen to the naxis and the naxis had to listen to Adolf Hitler.

Six million jews were killed during the holocaust. The naxis took full power on the jews. Hitler was the leader of the naxi power. The holocaust was horrifying event that took place during the World War 2