No More Seaworld!

by Abbie Beer, Malak Ismail, and Sofia Celeita

Seaworld should be shut down because the company pays no regard to the well-being of their animals. Seaworld is an extremely popular tourist attraction that contains many sea animals doing captivating tricks for entertainment. Throughout the years, they have begun abusing the animals.

To begin, they have lied about their reasons for expanding and changing their arenas which has led us to know that," It's clear that the expansion...will just give Sea world the space to fill up its tanks with even more unnaturally bred orcas"( Scheling 5). This proves that they have been lying and just want more space to eventually get more money. They care much more about their profit rather than the animals that are held captive.
Furthermore, they continually keep the animals in a very uncomfortable and unhappy environment and,"...{H}umans have split up animals from their families, forced them to live in isolation and placed them in harsh living conditions"( Kelleher 5). If they truly cared for the happiness and health of their orcas, they wouldn't be forcing them to live in a condition that is so awful. This torture must come to a stop.

What Needs to Happen

In order for this to end, Sea World must be closed down. The animals have reached their breaking point, and for the safety of humans and animals, Sea World must be abandoned. Animals like," Tilikum, the killer whale, set off all of this when he killed his trainer in 2010"(Smith 5). The animals have now even reached the point of violence. They are too cramped and must all be set free for the protection of humans and orcas.

In the end, Sea World has been the cause of animals living in a hell of an environment and someone having their life harshly being taken away from them. If they cared for sea animals in general, none of this would've happened. Overall, Sea World must be closed down to solve this dilemma.,,