Tech Honor Roll!

Teachers on a Roll with Technology

May, 2017

Incredible at Kelly

Great job Kaytlyn Ferrando! Kaytlyn challenged her students to not only design the newest, coolest toy for the holiday season but also to create an advertisement featuring this toy in a Glogster. A "Glog" is an interactive, online poster that can include text, images, graphics, audio and videos. There are tons of ways all of our students can use this wonderful online tool.

Winning at Wells

Our students are enjoying the resources in our new MakerSpace, and so is third grade teacher, Melissa Lagano. Melissa's class can't wait to share their discoveries with her and see if she can master the new technology that they are learning to use. Her enthusiasm and willingness to use unfamiliar tools with an audience of students makes a difference!

Magnificent Middle School

Jay Cullen and Jodi Okenquist recently incorporated a video editing project in their 7th Grade Social Studies classes. Using the online video editor WeVideo, their students created short, animated videos on their Chromebooks that explained the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict. Students performed research online, created animations, and narrated their response to various higher order thinking questions about the issue.

High School Hero

Mike Dombrowski took the plunge into podcasting with his 12th Grade Civics classes, having pairs of students create short podcasts on political topics. Students performed research, conducted interviews, wrote their own scripts, and edited their own recordings, including music. Mike's lesson taught students how to use tech tools to communicate an idea with a wide audience, sharing their message with the world. Listen to examples here: