One of many natural disasters.By Hailey Hayes.

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the volcano is erupting by a blue sky.

How do volcanoes form?

When magma escapes from the earths surface it creates a volcano .
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What makes a volcano erupt?

When two giant slabs of rock collide together,it moves the magma chamber and a volcano erupts.
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How can you stay safe during an eruption?You can't stop it from happening ,but you can stay safe.

  • You can make sure you know if an active volcano is near.
  • Make a safety plan(know what to do if a volcano erupts nearby)
  • Don't just sit while a volcano is spewing lava!
  • If you know if a volcano is erupting near you , just grab some important stuff and go!
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The volcano's lava looks likes spark of light.

More facts on volcanoes are:

  1. Sometimes tsunamis are created when a volcano erupts.
  2. Volcanoes can create beautiful landscape.
  3. Sometimes the lava flows like a river.
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This volcano is erupting like fireworks!