Roman Vacation

Come visit Rome, where you can relax and not have to worry.


Come enjoy our relaxing public baths, with baths, places to swim and exercise, enjoy a steam bath, or even get a massage. Doesn't sound good to you? Come get a seat in one of our gladiator fights or chariot races.

Law and order

You won't have to worry about crime! With our laws, no one would dare commit crime. You and your family will be safe, for anyone who commits crime will be bought to justice.

Family life

worried about bad families in the neighborhood? Now you don't have to! With every family under the strict control of a loving father until death, no child would dare disobey!
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Worried about your child's education? Schools here stop at age twelve, and, optionally, there is even a rhetoric class for further education on politics and public speaking.


Don't worry about where to live! We have slave built houses, so you don't have to!



You can come to Rome right now! come enjoy our city safely and happily, and come eat bread, porridge, or even thermopolia right now in relaxation!