Fifth Grade Flyer

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Students showing off their rocks from Mrs. Grauer's AM Kindergarten class. They told us we would "rock" the Math Performance Task!


We have been in review-mode lately, in preparation for our last two KS Math Assessments, which will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 21-22. For the review, students have rotated to each of one of the fifth grade teacher's classrooms over the past few days for a quick mini-review lesson, games, and practice. Thank you once again for reminding students to get a good night's rest and nutritious breakfast before these assessments.

Integrated Literacy

Students have been reading deeper into their novels during literature circles time. At every meeting, one of the students has been given the role of the Discussion Director, who creates three deeper level thinking questions to ask the group about the assigned reading. Other students share their jobs such as Word Wizard, Character Coach, and Connector. I have been impressed with how the groups have communicated and discussed their roles during group meetings.

Please encourage students to keep reading nightly and log those minutes on the April reading log. Sadly, we lost our lead in minutes for the month of March, but are still in position to win a pizza party for most minutes read collectively this year for fifth grade. Let's make that happen!

Please remind students that their game board book projects are due April 30. We will be playing these in class.


Students worked well in their natural disaster groups, researching how the four earth's systems were affected during the disaster. Some groups created a PowerPoint, while others put on a newscast to share their findings - very creative! This past week we have been focusing on the human impact to the biosphere, specifically conservation, deforestation, and air and water pollution. We will continue to explore these topics this week.

Mill Creek Middle School Tour

Upcoming Events

April 21 - KS Math Assessment, Mill Creek parent information night 6:30 p.m.

April 22 - KS Math Assessment

April 23 - Middle School enrollment paperwork due

April 24 - No school for students

April 27 - PTA general meeting 7 p.m.

April 30 - Game board book report due

May 8 - Variety Show

May 13 - Award Ceremony, 9:15 a.m.

May 18 - Fifth Grade Farewell, 12-3

May 19 - Field Day, Last Day of School

Conversation Starters

What are some rules to remember when multiplying and dividing decimals?

What are some tips and tricks that help you remember customary and metric conversions?

Tell me about some of the jobs you've had in your Literature Circle groups.

Describe the meaning of the suffix - "ian" and "or" and give some examples of words with that suffix.

What does the word "conservation" mean?

How does conservation relate to the story, "The Lorax?"

What are did you take away from your tour of Mill Creek?


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