Christmas in Canada

The land of cards and pine trees

Pine trees

In the East part of Canada the tradition is all about pine trees.Every Christmas,the biggest and strongest pine tree is sent to Boston.And lit in a ceremony to begin Christmas in Boston.


in towns,people go to houses(like trike or treating)and say"are Mummer's Aloud in this house"?then they sing and dance and have Christmas cake.then the murmurer goes to a different house.
some people open there Presents on Christmas eve.
people in Canada are proud that they are the"home of Santa Claus."

Santa Claus parade

Every year Toronto holds a Christmas is one of the oldest Santa parades has 25 floats in it and 2,000 people in it.


people in Canada hold massive Cookie baking party's.At the end each family goes home with lots of varieties of cookies to enjoy over the Christmas season.


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