Fashion Favorites

I'm a 13 year old girl who loves shopping, doing hair and makeup! I will be posting every Tuesday keeping you posted with the latest, fashion history, current trends, tips for sewing, sketching and design, interior design and fashion advertising! I hope you enjoy my blog, please leave comments on what I should post next week!

Fashion History


Bright colors, halter neck lines and high waist pants were popular in the 1970's. Women wore halter neck dresses and jumpsuits that were bright colors. They also wore high waist palazzo pants in bold colors. Straight long hair and afros were popular in the 1970's as well.

Sketching and Design.

Planning on creating you own dress or shirt? Remember before you begin making your clothing item to sketch it out first. You can print off an outline from google images. Make sure you sketch the front and the back of your item.

Sewing Construction

How to-thread a needle

Step 1: cut a piece of thread as long as your arms can stretch.

Step 2: put the thread through the hole near the top of the needle

Step 3: once you have the thread through the hole even up both sides of the thread.

Step 4: put the end of the thread on top of the needle and hold it there with your thumb.

Step 5: wrap the thread around the needle 8-15 times, depending on how big you want the knot.

Step 6: pull the thread that you just wrapped around the needle all the way to the end of the thread.

Now you should have a knot and can begin sewing!

Interior Design

When redoing any room in your house you always want it to look great. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your room looks great!
1. Painting your room a light color can help make the room look bigger.
2. Hanging stuff up higher makes you look up more, creating the illusion of a higher ceiling.
3. While you want your room to look good you also want it to be functional. Arrange the furniture so that it flows, the room shouldn't feel like an obstacle course.
4. Lighting is the key to creating a good mood. Make sure the lighting fits the room. The lights shouldn't be fluorescent but you also don't want it to be dark.
5. When it comes to picking out floors you want to figure out the rooms use. If it's a bathroom you obviously don't want carpet. Hardwood can get ruined when wet so tile is the best choice for a bathroom. For the kitchen you want a floor that is easy to clean up spills. Hardwood or tile would be ideal.
6. When you decorate the room you want it to represent you. If you love birds then a little glass bird can look great in the room while representing you. If you love purple then you could have a purple throw blanket. While you want the room to represent you, you also want it to be inviting for guests. You don't want your room to have cat stuffed animals all over the room if you love cats because that isn't inviting for guests.
7. Make sure your room is comfortable and cozy. You want your guests to instantly feel at home when they walk in. Make sure the room doesn't feel cold and uninviting.

Advertising and Marketing.

When it comes to selling a product the most important thing about advertising is the endorsement. Endorsements are huge. These days people will do about anything to be like a certain celebrity. If Justin Bieber was endorsing coke most of his fans would drink coke more often. Make sure whoever is endorsing your product is popular with both kids and adults, that will attract a bigger crowd of buyers.