New England Patriots

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The history of the Patriots

McGee Was Hired because he had some of the best deference moves then he turned to Tom Brady and let him run the show. 2002 Patriots won the super bowl ageist the Stealers. Feb 1, 2002 demolition begins of fox bro stadium. Jan 1,2002 demolition of fox bro stadiums completed.

Aug 23,2000

Patriots claim their naming rights to their new stadium. Dec 4,1988 veteran wide receiver Stan Morgan caches his 500th career reception vs. Seattle. Super Bowl Feb,1 2004

The Patriots won another Super Bowl second time in three seasons.

They have won 4 Super Bowls


Feb 17, 1973 Chuck Fairbanks is named head coach and general manger. Nov 12, 1970

John Mazar replaces Clive Rushas head coach. Jan 30, 1969 Patriots appoint Clive Rushas vice president head coach. loses Dec 31, 1978 the Patriots lost to the Texans 31 to 14 first play of the game. Feb 5 2012 the Patriots lost to the Giants in the super bowl.

Patriots Super Bowl wins and when they won them

Feb 5, 2015 won the Super Bowl. Feb 6, 2005 won Super Bowl. Feb 1, 2004 won the Super Bowl. Apr 2, 2002 won the Super Bowl.
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