Makeup Artist

Made by: Lauren Stratton

What is a makeup artist?

A make-up artist is an artist whose medium is the human body, applying makeup and prosthetics for theatrical, television, film, fashion, magazines and other similar productions including all aspects of the modeling industry.


Required education: post secondary non-degree award.


  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Virginia State University
  • Virginia Union University

Experience Needed

Relevant experience is desirable, like working backstage at amateur dramatic productions or working in a beauty or hair salon, plus any work placements or relevant unpaid work.

Median Pay and Salary

Hourly: $21.30

Yearly: $44,300


On a film or modeling set, a makeup artist may spend six to eight hours doing makeup for the day. For an individual client appointment, the time span may be an hour to three hours. If a makeup artist is working for a bridal party, then he or she may spend the entire day working with clients.