Classifying The Colonies

Payton Cupstid 4th Period


1) First permanent British North American Colony
  • England had failed once to try and settle North America, but Jamestown is known to be the first successful British settlement in North America

2) 1607

  • The year Jamestown was founded

3) Captain John Smith
  • The short-term leader who took leadership in starting the colony of Jamestown
  • He organized labor and helped supply the colony with crops
  • He soon had to return to England because of severe powder burns.

4) John Rolfe

  • The long-term leader who helped Jamestown prosper as a colony
  • He introduced the tobacco plant to North America
  • He also founded the plantation system.

5) The House of Burgesses

  • The first legislative assembly of North America (1619)

6) Virginia Company

  • The joint-stock company that invested into the settlement of Jamestown

7) "Starving Time"

  • A time of drought, fire, Indian attacks, disease and starvation for the colony
  • 1609-1610

8) Tobacco

  • Jamestown's cash crop that allowed the colony to flourish

9) Dutch Ship

  • The ship carried 20 blacks for sale to help the colony thrive
  • First case of slaves in North America

10) Indians

  • Jamestown's settlement conflicted with the Indian tribes whom settled prior to the English; leading to 2 different attacks

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The original House Of Burgesses

The Colony of Virginia Founded in 1607

Massachusetts Bay

1) Refuge for puritains
  • This was the man purpose for the settlement in Massachusetts Bay

2) Mayflower

  • Carried the first settlers from England to the colony

3) Ann Hutchinson

  • Religious leader
  • Removed from the colony due to her beliefs

4) John Winthrop

  • Massachusetts Bay colony's first governor
  • Helped teach colonies how to use resources and skills

5) 1630

  • The year the colony was established

6) Boston

  • Capital of Massachusetts Bay colony

7) Roger Williams

  • He was banished due to his strong religious beliefs and opinions against puritans
  • Salem minister

8) Massachusetts Bay Company

  • England company that established the colony

9) Salem

  • The first city of the colony that was civilized and settled

10) Boston

  • Capital

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1) William Penn
  • Founded Pennsylvania

2) Quakers

  • Pacifists
  • Fair to the Indians
  • Were against the idea of predestination

3) Freedom

  • Freedom of worship
  • Freedom of religion

4) Agriculture & Manufacturing

  • Both industries were the two major sources of income

5) 1681

  • The year the colony was established

6) Ethnicity

  • Pennsylvania was unique in that it attracted a rich mix of ethnic groups

7) 1700

  • The colony's population and economy is thriving only after 19 years

8) One of the "Bread Colonies"

  • Had rich soil and fertile land to produce massive amounts of crops

9) King Charles II

  • Granted William Penn the land

10) Philadelphia

  • Major port city
Group of Quakers
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The Colony of Pennsylvania Founded in 1681


1) Lord Baltimore
  • Founder of Maryland
  • Governed as ruler in a feudal relationship

2) 1634

  • The year the colony was founded

3) Tobacco

  • Maryland's main crop

4) Proprietary colony

  • The colony's social relations pertained to ownership (feudal system)

5) Toleration Act of 1649

  • Gave toleration to all Christian believers
  • Highly supported by the catholics
  • Sentenced those to death who denied the existence of the Messiah

6) Catholicism

  • Maryland was considered to be religious freedom for catholics

7) Henrietta Maria

  • Maryland was named after her
  • Queen of England at the time

8) King Charles I

  • Granted Lord Baltimore the Maryland Charter

9) Ark & Dove

  • The two names of the ships that carried the first settlers abroad shore to Maryland

10) March 1655

  • Civil War broke out due to religious controversy
  • Lord Baltimore lost his authority as proprietor
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Colonists involved in religious conflict

(Catholics vs. Puritans)

The Colony of Maryland Founded in 1632


1) Silk & Wine
  • Both were the main exports for the colony

2) 1733

  • The year the colony was founded

3) James Oglethorpe

  • Founder of the colony


  • The name of the ship to carry the first settlers to Georgia

5) Savannah

  • Large port city

6) Last of 13 Colonies to establish

  • Was established to protect South Carolina from the Spaniards and French

7) King George II

  • Granted Oglethorpe the land
  • The colony was named after him

8) Warm climate

  • Allowed crops to grow

9) Royal Colony

  • Form of government in 1775

10) Large forests

  • Provided lumber for trade
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The Colony of Georgia Founded in 1732