United States Historical Events

1939- First Commercial Television Broadcast

First Commercial TV Broadcast

The big deal about this is that they were broadcasting people from a camera to Televisions all over the world! This was a huge deal because people could now find out what was going on anywhere in the world. Some background information on this topic is that it started on April 20th in 1939 at the Worlds Fair in New York. The few people that had televisions were going crazy about it because they could finally see what was happening around them. The broadcast coincided with the opening of the World’s Fair and was was conducted by RCA’s David Sarnoff. Upon standing in front of the camera for the first ever live television broadcast, Sarnoff said, “now, we add radio sight to sound.” The broadcast was only seen by a few residents of New York, as only a small number had televisions sets. This event will change the world a lot because people can now get the news from all over the world and they have some education on what is happening. There are always good shows on like Today or The Tonight Show they are comedy. I think that it changed Literature because people could just watch whatever was on the television instead of having to read the newspaper or flyers posted around town.