Chapter 11 Lesson 2


Weightlessness is were you feel like you dont weigh anything at all. If you were in space you would be floating in space because their is no gravity to pull you down. Another example is that you would be able to walk farther in one step in space than on earth.


Gravity is what helps you stay on the ground. So if their was 0 amount of gravity you would be floating in the air. An example of gravity is like a desk sitting on the floor. Its able to stay on the floor because gravity holds it down. Even you could be an example of gravity because when ever  you do something your staying on the ground and staying in the same spot. Every single thing on earth has gravity to hold it in place.

Newtons 3 laws of motion

Newtions first laws states that an odject at ress will stay at rest or a object in motion will stay in motion. For example if you were riding a bike and you run into a wall theirs unbalance forces so the wall is going to stop you. The second law states that the mass andforce will affect on the objects acceleration. Example if you were bowling and you rowl the bowling ball down the middle of the lane the bowling ball is going to knock down the pins. Newton third law is that any action force theirs going to be a reaction force. Example if your diving off the diving board and u push down on the diving board its going to push bacjk up and your going to go in the air.


Momentum and a force or speed of movement. For example the car gained speed because it was going down hill so it is moving faster then it was going. Another example is a person sledding down a hill your going to start to move faster because when you go down hill you start to move faster.