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Martha B. Day Weekly Update 5/30/2021

Schools are CLOSED on MONDAY, MAY 31 in observance of Memorial Day

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MBD Field Day is June 8th - Rain date of June 10th

Please see the flyer below with all the Field Day Information for in-person and remote students

Check out our "Buzzy" Bees

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End of the Year for REMOTE STUDENTS

Please open the link below to find information about remote field day, clap out, etc.

June 7 - June 11 Spirit Week

  • 6/7: Superhero Day
  • 6/8: Field Day Color Day
  • 6/9: Hawaiian Day
  • 6/10: Martha BEE Day
  • 6/11: Red/White/Blue Day

Please see more details in the flyer below


Please DO NOT remove any stickers or labels on the chromebooks. They MUST stay on for distribution and collection purposes.

Kindergarten Registration - SPREAD THE WORD

If you have or know of a child who will be 5 on or before October 1, 2021 please register them for the fall now.

Click the link below for the online registration information


Opt out of Daily School Lunches

If you would like your child to opt out of our daily free school lunch, please click on the link below and complete the form. Send the form back into school with your child or email it to their teacher.

The Upcoming Buzz

May 31: SCHOOL CLOSED for Memorial Day

Week of June 7: Spirit Week at MBD

June 8: MBD Field Day (Rain date of June 10)

June 11: Last day of remote small group PM instruction

June 16: PreK Graduation (Rain date of June 17)

June 18: Class Parties (Rain date of June 21)

June 22: Last Day of School and First Grade Clap Out at 9:00 am

"Bee" Mindful in Hybrid Learning with Ms. Faliveno


We all love summer!

Yes, it’s a fun time to “slide” away from academics, but don’t let your sleep slide! It is easy to get off schedule during the summer when out of the school routine. We think of summer as a time to catch up on sleep, but kids can experience a sleep debt that makes them grumpy. Then, you’ll wish for school to return!

So what can a parent do?

1. Remember sleep needs. Preschoolers need 11-13 hours of sleep per night, school age kids need 10-12 hours, and teens need about 9 hours. Sleep is critical for good health, mood, behavior, and learning.

2. Aim for a consistent sleep schedule. Kids with a variable bedtime tend to have more mood and behavioral issues. Not a good combo on a family vacation together.

Younger children:

  • Keep bedtime within an hour of school schedule. Their “clock” is pretty set. If staying up later they’ll still awaken around the same time. Its hard for them to want to go to bed when the sun is up, but they’ll be happier and have more fun with a good night’s sleep!
  • Keep nap schedule the same. Cutting out a nap causes sleep deprivation and doesn’t help them fall asleep at night. It just makes for a miserable afternoon and evening! They’ll just get so tired they get “wired!”

Teens: What about teens?

  • Awaken by 9-10am. Teens naturally want to go to bed later and wake up later. While extra sleep is good, sleeping the day away leads to a shift in the sleep schedule.
  • Sleeping in is ok as long as they’re getting the amount of sleep needed.
  • Schedule activities in the morning. This will avoid sleeping in too late and help the transition to school later.

3. Get prepared for that dreaded return to school…slowly!

  • About 2 weeks before school begins, put them to bed 15 minutes earlier each night. Kids need a few weeks to adjust to the school schedule and reset their internal “clock.”

Remember that sleep is a critical part of a child’s health and well being. Help your child have the best summer vacation by helping them get enough sleep!

The Hive's Health Hints

Hello families! A friendly reminder to send your child in with a single serving of a healthy snack for snack time. One serving of a snack is sufficient as this is just something to hold them over from breakfast to lunch. A piece of fruit, or some cut-up fruit, cheese, and crackers, a bag of chips, or a small snack bag of goldfish or cookies will do. We want the kids to have a little something in their bellies and then get to have some free time outside when the weather permits.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Mrs. Barile

You MUST complete the Daily Health Questionnaire each day your child is IN-PERSON FOR SCHOOL.

To report an absence please call (973) 838-1311 press 1

or email kbarile@bloomingdaleschools.org

Please make sure your child's mask is the correct size

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