The Learning Environment & Inquiry

Keystone, Colorado ~ July 1-3, 2013


In a little less than a month, we will gather together for some collaborative learning! We hope this "flyer" will help you be prepared for your trip and our time together. Our workshop wiki (mentioned below) is a one-stop shop for everything you need to get started, including introductions, resources, etc. So... not wanting to be redundant... we'll just say... we can't wait to see you participating on the wiki soon! ~ Ellen & Leah

Central Idea: PYP informs the design of contemporary learning environments.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Emerging Pedagogy
  • The 21st Century Learner
  • Contemporary Learning Environments
  • Linking Pedagogy & Space

Meet Your Workshop Leaders

IBARMS Keystone 2013 Wikis

A PBworks wiki has been set up as an online space for us to share ideas and resources before, during and after our workshop. Within a day or two of receiving this email, you will receive email invitations to join our Learning Environment & Inquiry wiki and the Keystone 2013 General Conference wiki. Paul Schkade, our Keystone conference wiki manager, will send these emails from or

If you do not see these invitations in your email inbox then check your Junk/Spam email box. If you do not see the invitation there either or want the invitation to the wikis sent to a different email address, please contact Paul at

If you don't receive this invitation by next Friday, June 14, please email Ellen.

Bring Your Device! ( Laptop preferred )

Since we will use our workshop wiki throughout the conference you need to bring either a laptop (preferred), iPad or tablet that can access the Internet with you to all three days of our workshop. If you are bringing a device from school, it would help to check that it is configured to access wireless networks outside of your school/district. Internet browsers (Firefox, Explorer, etc.) and essential programs like Adobe Reader ( and Adobe Flash Player ( should have also recently been updated (these are free updates). Don't forget to bring your laptop/iPad/tablet charger, as there will be powerstrips in our workshop room for you to plug into.

What you need to do next:

1. Fill out the form below to help us get to know you!

2. Make sure that you have a copy of "Making the PYP Happen" to bring with you (either electronic or hard copy)... found on our wiki RESOURCES page... or email Ellen.

3. Sign in to the wiki once you get your invitation from Paul... once you get to our HOME page, you will see directions for what to do next... just 4 easy steps to start our collaboration, including downloading the workshop workbook!

4. Gather some pictures of your learning environment to bring with you! (they can be on your phone, laptop, iPad, actual printed photos (what are those??).. whatever!)

Loading form...

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Just a quick reminder about Colorado:

  • Weather can change quickly and afternoon showers are common!
  • Dress is casual!

Contact Us!

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