Leon Foucault

Stuff about him

leon foucault

Leon Foucault was a french publisher he was skilled in making mechanical toys,studied medicine, but gradually he moved to physical sciences at the pairs observatory. Born in France of September 18th of 1819, which means that yesterday he turned 194.

What is Foucault Pendulum? and how does it work?

a BOB that is hanging from a specific point that is pulled back and then let go by the force of gravity and up by inertia. the bob would move at the movement of the earth. The BOB would change though out the earth rotation. In short terms the ground is the one that is moving not the bob. The pendulum can describe the amount of twist being made that can be seen by the Pendulum except the equator.

Why was his discovery and invention so significant?

It was big time discovery because it proved wrong what people thought until about one hundred years ago. for intake humans thought for at least two thousand years that the earth was flat. It was because of his discovery that gave most of the things that we thought more logic. it explained that the earth was tilted, shape of sphere, rotated to make night and day. And can still come in use till today.

Additonal interesting facts.

  • Died by developing a multiple cases of sclerosis.
  • one of the 72 names inscribed on the Eiffel tower.
  • lived to be 49
  • made a measurement of a light year.