Education apps for Apple Devices

6 Apps teachers could implement in their classroom

Mobile Education Apps

6 Apps that I will be exploring and talking about on this page are

1) Mobl21

2) Polleverywhere

3) Voicethread

4) GoogleDrive

5) Wikipedia

6) Dictionary

All of these Apps will enhance learning and help reduce barriers to learning for all students in the classroom.

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Mobl21 is the ultimate app that makes learning on the go. Students are able to access content from the curriculum using this app anytime they want. They can review class notes, check content, check the archives, show their learning to their parents, and even communicate with their teachers through this app.

This app also allows for educators to create content and course material with facility, while publishing this content to different groups. Educators can track student process right from the app itself! (Mobile21)

This app is downloadable through Itunes and is compatible with Iphone, Ipad, and Ipod touch. Better yet, this app is free!

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Polleverywhere is a great online polling system that allows for educators to collect raw data right in the moment. Educators can create a question that they want their students to think about before class and create a link of Polleverywhere that connects to this question. During class, the students will be directed to the link and can use their mobile phones, or the web to answer the question, while the teacher views direct results on the SmartBoard or computer. Polleverwhere is a great resource for educators because it allows them to gather data right in the moment with their real students, and the students can then see their own results and compare them with their peers instantaneously.

This app is available through Itunes and is compatible with Iphone, Ipad, and Ipod touch. The app is optimized for Iphone 5. This app is free!

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Voicethread is a great application that allows for its users to make videos and audio recordings about anything they want! This app is great for audio learners as they can auditorily create their own project right on the website. There is an opportunity to create your own Voicethread or to check out what other people have done. It is a great way for learning and encourages participation. Voicethread is media varied which means that you can communicate any way you like: you can talk, draw, or type right onto the screen. This app is very open and allows the learner to create their own approach to learning, whether they like writing, speaking, or creating things.

Voicethread is available through Itunes and it is compatible with Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch. It is in the education catergory and is free!

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GoogleDrive is an online storage app which allows you to store and share files with anyone on the web in one single place. GoogleDrive is created to synchronize with Google and so that you can save things to your drive right through your email or anything else Google related so you have everything in one safe space. GoogleDrive can be described as the "space" that you create for yourself on the Internet as it allows you to save anything in one main hub.

The most important element of GoogleDrive in regards to education is the collaboration and sharing aspect of it. On it, you can share your documents with others and even collaborate synchronously on a project that you are working together on. You can make edits that the other person can see right when you do it.

GoogleDrive comes in a variety of different languages from all over the globe and is available for free right through Itunes. It is compatible with Iphone, Ipad, and Ipod touch.

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Wikipedia is an awesome resource that helps you find anything online and learn about it. Wikipedia is the ultimate app concerning the Connectivism learning theory that states that it is not what you know or how to know that is important to learning, but where to find information. Wikipedia allows for the platform of accessing new information. It can be called an online encyclopaedia. The interesting thing about Wikipedia is that anyone can edit and re-edit the information that is posted on Wikipedia, and in this way is it completely created by the people.

Wikipedia is a great resource for educators because it is an easily accessible path to information without having to look too hard. It contains more than 32 million articles in 280 languages (WIkipedia) and lets you know everything you want to know about anything!

Wikipedia is available on Itunes for free and is compatible for Ipad, Iphone and Ipod Touch.

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Dictionary App

Dictionary. com is my favourite app because whenever you are stuck or unsure of a word, you have instantaneous access to its definition through this app. This app is great for students because many times, they will come across words that they don't know and be stuck on them for a good chunk of time without moving forward in their work. With this app, they can quickly figure out the definition of that word and move froward with their work. Dictionary app also has great resources for learning such as word games, spelling games, crosswords and even a blog. This is a great resource for anyone who likes learning new words or likes having their old words be tested. You can even have the new "word of the day" send to your phone every day, and in this way become a language aficionado in no time!

Dictionary App is available through Itunes for free and is compatible with Iphone, Ipad, and Ipod touch. It is available in 9 different languages!