Crazy Horse

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Chief Crazy horse

Crazy Horse was a legendary warrior and leader of the Lakota Sioux, celebrated for his battle skills as well as his efforts to preserve Native American traditions and way of life. Resisting efforts to force the Sioux on to reservations, he fought alongside Sitting Bull and others in the American-Indian Wars, and defeat George Armstrong Custer’s force sat the Battle of the Little Bighorn. After surrendering to federal troops in 1877, he was killed rumors of a planned escape.

chief Crazy horse war

His first encounter with U.S. soldiers was on the old Organ Trail, July 25, 1865, at Platte Bridge, where he acted as a distraction to draw soldiers out of their defenses. During the following year, when soldiers marched up the Bozeman Trail to build forts, Crazy Horse used his skills as a guerrilla fighter and studied the ways of his military adversaries.In December 1866, when the Sioux and Cheyenne combined to challenge Fort Phil Kearny, Crazy Horse’s daring as a leader of the decoy warriors brought Lt. Col. William J. Fetterman and eighty men into an ambush that became known as the Fetterman massacre.

Crazy Horse monument

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The white figure of an Indian on a horse is chief Crazy Horse this is what the monument will look like when it is done
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Crazy Horses life

Thought to be born 1840

Passed away September 5,1877

native name : T?ašú?ke Witkó; birth name, Cha-O-Ha ("In the Wilderness" or "Among the Trees"


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Achevments : Leader at the Battle of the little Bighorn

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