Hannah Rees


I have learned that being loyal to your friends helps because that means they know you got their back and they got yours. They show how important you are to them and you show how important they are to you.

I have grown to learn that friends are very important and you shouldn't take them for granted, Because you don't know when someone could help you through the hard times even when you always take them for granted.

I act the way I do because that's my personality and that's how my friends see me and that's who I am. My friends like being friends with someone who acts normal all the time and doesn't act different when they are with different people.

Theme of Life

My them of life is to stay loyal to your friends because you never know when they can help you when you need it, this is my theme because friends are obviously important to me and there obviously there for me in the hard times. Once you show how loyal you can be to your friends, they will show how loyal they can be to you. Loyalty doesn't just come with being friends, it has to be earned


My setting is at school and at home. If the setting would've been different I don't think the fight would have happened because I wouldn't have been friends with them in the first place because we became friends at school.


Everything happened when we all just stopped talking to each other for a bit. Then they told me that they just didn't want to be friends anymore because we usually argue a lot or we never hangout. After that happened I was really sad but my true friends helped me through it and showed me that they will be there for me when its hard. I have learned that you should always stay true to the friends that are true to you. Not just to stay with the friends who just say sorry.

Turning Point

My turning point is that your real friends will show you that they will be there when you need them. Also that the life lesson was that real friends will always show you how much they care especially when you need them most.

Loyalty Towards your Friends

This picture tells how if your there for me when it gets tough, I will be there for you to. This also states that even people you thought weren't your friends helped you in those hard situations and show that they will have your back and you should have theirs to.