David G. Burnet Elementary

Shining Stars Gazette - December 15th, 2014

5th and 6th week of the 3rd six weeks

Let us end the last week of 2014 with great memories and preparing for a successful 2015!


Key Action 1: Sustain a Positive Culture

Winter Gala at Henry's Majestic!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Winter Gala at Henry's Majestic! We ate, played, laughed and enjoyed being part of the All Star community. We had approximately 60 faculty and staff participate.

Key Action 2: High Quality Instruction and Engagment

Key Action 3: Data-Driven Instruction

Engagment Matters!

In Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind, by Jensen (2013) it strongly proposes that engagement shows up as a vital achievement factor in most studies, although it's not always explicitly called engagement; sometimes it's "disguised" as feedback, cooperative learning, project learning, or interactive teaching (Hattie, 2008). The correlation between student engagement and achievement is consistently strong and significant: research shows that for every 2 percent disengagement rises, pass rates on high-stakes tests drops by 1 percent (Valentine & Collins, 2011).

Students love being engaged, and they value engagement very highly (Appleton, Christenson, & Furlong, 2008). Engagement is especially important for low-socioeconomic-status (SES) students. In their study of more than 1,800 students living in poverty, Finn and Rock (1997) found the school engagement was a key factor in whether students stayed in school suggests Jensen (2013).

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation

Domain 2: Instructional Practice

Domain 3: Classroom Culture

Domain 4: Professionalism and Collaboration

Week At-A-Glance

Monday, December 15th

  • No Faculty Meeting!
  • ACP K-5 Math
  • Climate Culture survey last day to complete. We only have one person left to complete! Burnet is at 98% participation!
  • Bring all technology to campus all week - Title 1 Audit!

Tuesday, December 16th

  • NO Collaborative Planning Meeting!
  • ACP K-5 Reading
  • Potluck - Please bring food or drinks!

Wednesday, December 17th

  • Attendance for Credit Meeting at 3:15
  • ACP 3-5 Language Arts

Thursday, December 18th

  • ACP 1-5 Specials
  • Grade due to Ms. Smith

Friday, December 19th

End of 3rd Six Weeks!

Burnet's End of 2014 Potluck Celebration!

Tuesday, Dec. 16th 2014 at 10:30am-1:45pm

3200 KInkade Drive

Dallas, TX

Please help us celebrate our first semester and enjoy our All Star Faculty and Staff by participating in the Potluck on Tuesday, December 16th. Please bring food, snacks, dessert or drinks for 10-12 so we can all enjoy lunch during your lunch periods in room #106.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Quote of the Week

Think Differently Act Courageously

STAY Calm and Shine On!


BEST DAY EVER - Everyday

Spot Observation and feedback continues (See evaluator with questions)