Changes in the 1920s

Breanne Huntzicker

Changes in Cities

During the 1920s urbanization was going on. Urbanization was where people started to move to urban areas which contributed to the growth of cities. As the cities grew so did the inventions. The automobile was now owned by more than just the wealthy thanks to Henry Ford's affordable Model T. Since there were more people who could travel, there were many more businesses that became popular in cities. Some of them were gas stations and hotels.

Changes in Transportation

There were many large railroad stations through out major cities across the United States. People had been traveling by train for many years but now it was better. Train stations came up with travel plans for people who traveled by train a lot to make their trips less expensive and more enjoyable. People also liked how cars gave them freedom on where they wanted to go, and when they wanted to go there. There was a downside to having a car though. I meant that you had to travel on dirt roads between cities no matter what the weather was. Many people tried to help improve the conditions of the roads through out the 1920s.
1920s Transportation