Information for Parents

How can I prevent cyberbulling?

Discuss cyberbulling. Explain what cyberbullying is and that they should come to you if they are ever cyberbullied.

Watch for changes in behavior. Just like standard playground bullying, cyberbullying will affect your child's behavior. There are signs such as unwillingness to go to school or online and being distressed after using the internet. Monitor your child's online activity.

Online safety. Teach your child about online safety. Make sure there are rules set in place and explain why those rules are there. Make sure your child knows not to post personal information online.

My child is a victim of cyberbullying.

Do not respond. Do not respond to the cyberbully. The cyberbully wants a reaction from your child.

Keep a record of incidents. Save conversations, photos, or any other contact made by the cyberbully.

Tell the school. If the cyberbully is another student, it is important that school administration is involved.

If your child's safety is in danger, alert law enforcement right away.

My child is a cyberbully.

Find out why. Often, cyberbullies have issues in real life - like being bullied themselves.

Stop the cyberbullying immediately. Discuss the consequences of cyberbullying - including laws - and remove internet privileges.

Talk to the school. If your child is cyberbullying other students, it may be a good idea to involve the school.