K-12 Learning Applications

5 applications that can be used in a K-12 classroom:

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Poll Everywhere

What is this? A website that allows individuals to create polls in which people can answer via their mobile devices. Only the individuals given the poll code can access/answer the the polls question. The answers can be either texted in or answered online.

Image source: http://www.polleverywhere.com/

Implications for the classroom: This tool can be used to allow teachers to post polls; to get feedback of knowledge in the classroom or just to have the students interactively answer questions through their mobile devices.This would allow for students to be engaged in the class room discussion via their mobile devices.
Poll Everywhere Tutorial


What is it? A web tool linked with google accounts that allows you to make a blog, post videos, images, and text. Once the blog is created you can share it with others by giving them a link to your blog webpage.
Implication for the classroom: Blogger can be used to allow students to post discussion posts to their website. They are able to make it private and only share it with certain people. By using this tool individuals are able to post freely and teachers are able to access it at anytime.
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Google Docs

What is it? Used to create documents that can be shared with others. Other individuals that you share the documents with, are able to collaborate and edit on the same document at once via mobile devices.
Implications in the classroom: In the class room Google Docs would allow individuals to work with others on group projects at home. As well you can create assignments for in class, that would group children together and they would be able to work on the document at the same time on different devices.
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Voice Thread

What is it? An app that allows students to record voice audio and attach it to any drawing or images. You are able to choice from preset voices or record your own.
Implications in the classroom: Presentation, and communication can be easily sought after with the use of the voice thread application. Students are able to create and voice over presentations at home with the use of this application, creating a blended learning environment. This app can be used for students to show their understand of a variety of different topics.
What is a VoiceThread

Remind 101

What is it? Allows for teachers to remind students of due date, or even bringing something to class, via text messaging. Through the website you are able to send a mass text message to a large group of people.
Implications in the classroom: A great way to create a community in the classroom. Remind 101 uses the students most frequently used device (cell phone) to connect them with their schooling. Reminders can be sent out for due dates, or just to bring something to class. This allows for an organized class room for students and teachers.
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