Environmental Issues

By Cheyenne and Cassidy

Local Issues: Fracking

  • Controversy: If fracking equipment is not safe the chemicals used during the procedure can leak into the ground. If this happens local water supplies such as wells will be contaminated. There have been many reports of people becoming sick from water contaminated by fracking chemicals.
  • Laws/ Policies: There are not any laws or policies restricting fracking practices, in fact there are many loopholes in laws that allow fracking practices to be exempt from federal and state regulations.
  • Congress is considering passing the FRAC Act which would require fracking companies to disclose the chemicals used in their practices. 3 states have already passed laws pertaining to this, and many more are considering it. North Carolina is not one of them.
  • New York has proposed a bill that would require fracking companies to only use chemicals that are not dangerous to human health
  • The EPA has tried to persuade companies to use less dangerous chemicals and enact policies to make sure their equipment is safe.
  • Entrepreneurial Politics: Keeping their equipment safe and using safer chemicals would cost the companies money. Doing so would benefit everybody because it would ensure their water is not contaminated by these chemicals.

Global Issues: Deforestation of the Rainforest

  • Controversy- One of the main problems with cutting down the rainforest is the rate that tress are getting cut down. Millions of trees a year are being cut down and the rate that lumberjacks are going 1,000 to 3,000 acres are being cut down each hour. 40,000,000 to 50,000,000 acres are being cut down a year. Lumberjacks use these trees for firewood, houses, and for other money making industries.
  • Laws/ Policies- Currently there is not a Global law preventing the deforestation of rainforest. There are treaties that are trying to be passed to help with this but none have been passed locally or globally.
  • Entrepreneurial Politics- Keeping the rainforest safe and preserved helps the environment and everyone living on the environment. It hurts lumber companies, and oil companies who depend on the rainforest for lumber and oil.