Only 10,000 dollars

Daniela Valencia

Only 10,000.

I went to the mall and I had 10,000 to buy what I wanted. I was happy in the store almost jumping and happy buy some shoes and clothes was a total of $ 120. Then I remembered that I had money to donate So I gave money to what they need and they would give $ 9,880.

I went out and shop side had where they sell donuts I was craving me but then I remembered that no longer had money he was going to donate I went arrives gave them the means that money but they were doing donuts and me gave and I was happy and I realized it was not the most important donates that money was going to donate then thanked them and realized that not buy the donut would happen to me something good I went home thinking in those very good kids who needed us get home I realized I was alone had no one I was sad I went into the room thinking about all that and I realized I could take some of the children and so would not feel me alone and apart adore children good I went to sleep that tomorrow was going to be a spectacular day the next day eat breakfast I was told them they told me yes but if I could give them the necessary told them if I could buy you need send to school I began to cry.

I will not go alone I ask please I said okay let's see who they want to adopt. I was very confused but look a little girl who gave me the feeling I approached I said you're a very pretty girl and said this is the girl began to mourn for happiness because nobody had adoctado she was 5 years.

We go home to bathe went to the shops when you arrive watch my son was there told them I do here told me were going to be living with me.And told me who that girl I told him mine and laughed told them it was the good truth to his wife did not think I went to work I said I care for her the wife of my son and my son also began to say things that was filthy but my son had a son Told potatoes stop saying things on your callate not mess son said the girl went to her room crying lady arrives and told the girl who got nothing and I get the grandson and told my parents told ugly things.

Then the lady was angry and was talking to them.He said that you were saying things to my daughter she laughed it's not your daughter is a leaning is not it.It is good not behave well okay they dijeron good and had almost no almost complaints from them, said Mrs. I'm glad they have understood what my daughter if we just understand that the child is not to blame for all.Thanks for your understanding and how they have got to know over the girl and looked to be a nice girl clear that if the girl lived there for happy and fulfilled before we both wanted to have a family.