Teens Need Less Stress!

It's important to us to help the lives of today's teenagers

Different types of teenagers feel stress based on the different requirements in their lives.

General problems teenagers have

Some general problems facing teenagers in today's world are refusal to listen to their parents, not doing homework, insecurity, bad appearances, hanging out with the wrong group of friends and so on. Parents can help this by raising their kids in a positive environment and setting a good example for them as they go through the struggles of being an adolescent.

P.E. for high schoolers

Students do not have time to relax from the stress of regular classes when they are focusing on gym class participation for their grade and the stress of the gym class counting towards graduation and college. P.E. is taken into account in some schools for student GPA and required in order to receive a high school diploma. College admission officers look at academic performance as well as athletic participation when considering graduates to accept at their university. Gym should not be taken into account for students' GPA because some students have an advantage over other students physically and some students may dismissed by an university just because they are not athletic, even though that student could be extremely intelligent.

Disabled students in P.E.

Disabled students have no choice but to take P.E. in certain states where other alternatives to gym are not offered for disabled students. Disabled students may be unable to take on the alternatives, such as marching or regular band, and physical sports, that are offered for students without mobility issues to count as regular P.E. credit. Students with disabilities who cannot do gym should be offered activities such as an extra math class or study hall so they can still use their time wisely.

Stressed Students

In an online survey taken about back-to-school worries, one third of 600 people who took the survey said they worry most about schoolwork. Just as many people said they worry most about social issues like fitting in, having friends, being judged, or being teased. A 14-year old girl named Kimberly took the survey and said, "I'm happy about going back to school- I'm bored stiff here! But I'm worried about reputation, teasing, failing, and being a nerd." High school teenagers can be alleviated of some school stress by better organizing times to do their homework if their school is on a block schedule, so that they do not have to do homework for every subject in one night and can organize when to do the homework for a certain class.

From Middle School to High School

Students in middle school have an easy time compared to high schoolers. Students in middle school only have schoolwork, sports, or after school activities to worry about. Students in high school have to try and balance schoolwork, after school activities, sports, and jobs, as well as trying to find time for their personal lives while working towards graduation. Students in high school should try to focus only on their employment or one after school activity a year if able. This will help minimize the stress of school and prevent the feeling of being overworked or exhausted.

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Teens Need Less Stress

Less stress for the best!