and Iqaluit

Who Settled Newfoundland?

John Cabot was an Italian navigator and explorer to discover parts of North America, sent by henry the seventh of England. he was sent on a voyage and eventually settled newfoundland

What Was The Industry When Newfoundland Settled?

When it was settled it was known for their fish which was (mostly cod) also other catches were flounder, redfish, shrimp and crab

Understanding the Oil & Gas Industry in Newfoundland & Labrador

What is the industry today?

the industry is kind of the same as of today Newfoundland is still known for their fish but now there main resource is oil in their industry as you can see in the video i have showed

What is the biggest challenge for settlers ?

one huge problem was back then, traveling long distances was certainly a huge challenge. unlike today where we travel by plane. early settlers had to travel by boat, from europe to North America over periods of long harsh months. also another problem was when john cabot came the natives and them really didn't get along at the start trust me it was bad

What are the best features of the area?

the best features of the area are the awesome views of the water and the sunset.... but the food don't get me started about that.

Something interesting I researched

I found out while researching Newfoundland and Labrador is a little smaller then California slightly bigger than japan and twice the size of the entire united kingdom.

Where i got my information

Who Settled Iqaluit

Nakasuk settled iqaluit he was an inuk who was born in the Northwest territories in the early 20th century during a world war america was looking for a army camp to set down and thats when people found out about the place

What was the industry when Iqaluit Settled ?

Iqaluits industry was mostly fishing, sealing, carving/handcrafts and tourism but all of this isn't a great source of income since the population does not have a lot of people

What Is The Industry Today?

the industry is really big in mining which is a great source of income and tourism.

What are the biggest challenges for settlers ?

The Challenges for settles are how cold it is and also there is not a lot of people that live their so there far away from society also their are diseases that are caused by lack of sun

Most interesting thing i found out about

to be honest their were a lot of cool things that i saw they only get 6 hours of sun a day in december or sometimes its not even day maybe a month with only 6 hours