Warren Middle School

Go Warriors!

Warrior Choir

Many student choose choir for one of there extra curricular classes because it improves their singing and music reading skills. Along with strengthening your skills, you get to meet new and interesting people. Some may even become your friends. Because your in a singing class you get to learn interesting-new songs for choir competitions! This class may be very fun but there is one problem: strain on your vocal cords. Because you sing often and for a long period of time you can put much strain on your vocal cords.

Musical Theater

Many people choose this elective because it improves many of your skills. Such as the following: singing, dancing, and acting. With this wonderful elective, you get to meet new people, experience new situations, perform in front of your parents and peers, and practice fun acting excersizes. In other words, it's hours full of fun. Although it may be extraordinary, you have many long, exhausting after school practices (maybe even to 7:00 at night). In the end, it's worth it.

Warren Warrior Cross Country

Not many people join cross country; they think it's too much running. What many people don't know is that you have a lot of fun. You improve your running skills while compete against the district; also meet new people, get awards, and stay fit.

Warren Color Guard

The warren color guard is a group of girls that dance and compete with each other. While at competitions you get to meet new people. Because you perform you get to learn fun-filled dances and flag throwing, all while wearing stylish uniforms. The only down side is the cost: two hundred dollars.

Lady Warrior Volleyball

Many young female athletes enjoy the sport of volleyball. That is why Warren Middle School provides the chance to play even if you have no experience. It gives you the chance meet new people while being active. Although you have to get up early for practices, it's all worth it.