Alkaline Earth Metals

By: Anna Becker

The Basics

This group is placed in the s-block of the periodic table. The s-block group is the second group in the periodic table. They are very reactive. Although, they are not found free in nature because of how reactive they are.

The Alkaline Earth Metals Include:






and Radium.

Interesting Facts

They have a higher melting point than any other metals. Alkaline earth metals are relatively hard. They are found in the Earth's crust. They normally conduct electricity very well. Radium is used in cancer treatment because it conducts radioactive waves. Beryllium is used in nuclear applications.
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Beryllium- tools, springs, aircrafts, missiles, and spacecrafts.

Magnesium- bombs, signals, flares, and fuel.

Calcium- helps strengthen bones and teeth.

Strontium- fireworks, flares, and magnets.

Barium- fireworks for a green color.

Radium- paints, cancer treatment, and radon gas.