Module 1 Week 3

I CAN...All About Me

Module 1

Module One: Becoming a Close Reader and Writing to Learn

Students learn how to determine the explicit meaning of a text. They ask and answer questions to determine the central message. They identify an informative topic and write pieces that include two or more facts and a sense of closure. They use narrative writing to describe an experience with thoughts and feelings.


Ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

All About Me Selfie

Sight Words

Sight Words: help, let’s, now, can, an, at, has, a

Word Study

Inflection s and Short a :Tag

am, at, cat, mat, can, ran, man, cap, map, tap

Short Vowel Poems

Brainpop Jr. Short Vowels



  1. 1. Intro sentence basics and punctuation(capitals and end marks)

    Writing a sentence.

    BrainpopJr types of Sentences

    2. Writing “I can…” sentences ALL ABOUT ME

    Mentor Text: Mercer Mayer All By Myself

    Describing Me

    BrainpopJr. Writing About Myself

    All About Me Packet

    All About Me Freebie

    All About Me puzzle

    Student Selfies

    3. Writing words:

    Stretch words to spell them- listen for all the sounds and record what they hear.

    Use familiar words to spell new, more challenging words.

    4.Turn and Talk: Teach students that writers talk to other writers about their writing.

    5. Read our writing like we read books: Read their own writing and make sure it makes sense and fix mistakes.