Osgood-Schlatter Disease

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Osgood-Schlatter is a childhood repetitive use injury that causes a painful lump below the kneecap. Michael Jordan had this in high school and he said it hurt. I can speak from experience that this disorder is really stupid. It hurts in the cold, and when you don't stretch. One time I was at champions with Tevin Anderson, and we were hitting a workout. I miss Tev a lot, but he still lives in Hastings, and has a sick Chrysler 300. Anyway, we were working on ankle breakers, and the chair we were practicing on had a back pack under it. I went to do a tight 180 cross and spin back and I caught my foot on the backpack and tripped. Not only did I look extremely stupid, I was very close to crying and couldn't walk on it for the next 20 minutes.


Ibuprofen, icing, resting. Sometimes it's self healing

Famous person

Andy turner is a 110 metre hurdler who has it.


One day a dude looked down he was like dang I have a lump under my kneecap and it hurts. He then went to a doctor and it was discovered.