Schoenstatt Couple's Meeting

2016 Motto: Child, do not forget the Father's Mercy!

Fr. Hugo and Sr. Marie Day joined us to go over this years motto of Mercy!

Sr. Marie shared with us her new book entitled, Year of Mercy 2015-2016 "Child, Do not forget the Father's Mercy"! Sr. Marie shared that our salvation depends on Mercy. She encouraged us couple's to sit down with our families and plan on how to best celebrate this year of Mercy.

Some of her suggestions were:

1. Make a "Holy Mercy door" in our home that anyone that walks through it will be shown and given mercy.

2. Read a part of sacred scripture ever day.

3. Take a pilgrimage to one of the churches that has been designated as a Holy Door this year. All the Schoenstatt shrines have this designation which comes with a plenary indulgence.

She went over so many great practical ways to participate in this year's Mercy celebration!

We ordered for our group a copy of this book and pamphlets that she shared with us and they have already arrived so every couple will be receiving one. Happy Valentine's Day!

Chad and Trisha Simpson

Saturday, Feb. 20th, 1-3:30pm

309 Brook Lane

McKinney, TX

Lunch will be provided. Side dishes or dessert appreciated. Children are welcome.

RSVP to Trisha Simpson 469-951-2520.

The Sacrament of Matrimony: Gift and Task

Fr. Hugo and Sr. Marie will instruct us on the understanding of the sacrament of matrimony as a gift for conquering and living the ideal of the Christian family. He will also review marriage as a task requiring effort, personal and matrimonial work, and participation in the sacraments.