What Causes Blindness?

Jeremiah Alexander

What Cause Blindness...

An eye disease can lead to blindness.There are 4 common eye diseases that is a major cause of blindness.

Cataracts-This eye disease is basically when your eyes starts to get like cloudy and effect your eyes. People who are going blind usually deal with vision impairment which turns into blindness.

Glaucoma-Glaucoma is a surrounding of diseases that damage the eye if its worst it can cause vision loss and turn into blindness.

Age-Relation Macular Degeneration-Another name for this common disease is AMD.its an eye disease that can lead to vision loss to adults age 50

The last common disease is Diabetic Retinopathy when diabetes damage the tiny blood vessels and the retina it can happen at the back of the eye.People who are going blind deal with vision impairment which also turns into blindness.you can protect your eye from diabetes if you get an eye exam once per year if you got diabetes.the blood vessels in the retina can negatively be affected by diabetes causing vision loss through bleeding and damage t the retina.Half of 18 million americans who have diabetes are affected by diabetic retinopathy.Macular degeneration affected more than 10 million americans.2.3 million people are diagnosed by glaucoma.

Conditions To Blindness

Blindness is the inability to see things,Glaucoma is one of the biggest part of an eye disease.Anchromatopisa is an rare vision disorder where people can rarely see color.It can be an lead to blindness.Albinism an condition characterized by a variable lack of pigment in the eye,skin or hair.Amblyopia is an condition were somone's vision does not develop properly.It normally affect one eye.Anirida is affected at birth when your vision or impairment is to bright.Anophthalmia occur during pregnancy when one eye or both eyes do not form.Aphakia is an surgical re-movement.Astigmatism is an common eye condition usually form from birth.Color blindness can e another thing that lead to blindness because it gets real aggravating to not be able to see a clean color you see different colors.Prostaglandin Analogues are drugs that lower pressure in the eye improving fluid drainage.The Corneal disease can be another sign of blindness cause it affect things in the eye.Dry eye syndrome can be another sign of blindness.Hemianopia can cause vision loss and can affect many people.Hyperopia is an common vision problem.Occurs when light rays entering the eye behind the retina.

Is It Hard To Focus With blindness...

Its very hard to focus when you blind because you may not know where to go.You cant even see your peers but you can hear them.But to me Blindness would be a pain because i can see my TV or what i am eating or i wont be able to do my favorite thing which is play basketball.If I was blind i would be mad cause i like to see things in the world.I like to be able to see what i eat.Being blind is hard to focus because maybe you want to see the different things in the world or be able to play your favorite sport.It would also be hard because like if you blind you cant even focus in school or on your school work.Maybe you want to go see your family but cant cause of blindness and its effect.Being blind is a real pain for those who are blind because maybe they like taking pictures of they self or texting they friends but cant cause they cant see.Also it would be hard to tell which direction you going.Like it is hard because you want to do certain things but cant.Like you want to have a good life but cant cause you been infected by blindness.