What is inside a grandfather clock?

By Aidan Lodolce

Why I chose this topic

I chose to make a website about grandfather clocks because my great grandfather worked on clocks. When my dad would go to his house, he would love seeing the gadgets he had. My great grandpa made a grandfather clock for him, and it is currently in our house. Also, the clocks interest me because my job is to wind up the grandfather clock every few days. I have always wondered what was inside of these amazing creations.

Click here to see what's inside a grandfather clock

This is a short video showing you the inside of a grandfather clock when it hits the hour, in this case 9:00.

What is a grandfather clock?

Basics of a grandfather clock

A grandfather clock is a giant clock. The cool thing about it is, it chimes every so often. In most cases, every 15 minutes. Another cool thing is that is has a giant pendulum inside that is constantly swaying back and forth. You have to wind up the three weights individually, about once a week to make sure it doesn't stop.
Click here to see how to wind up a grandfather clock

Short video on how a grandfather clock is wound up.