Cooper's Discovery Of Rhythm Trip!

The place to discover rhythm and play percussion instruments

Cooper And The Rhythm! Discovery Center

On Tuesday November 3rd, 2015 at 10:45 Mrs. Bachman's 3rd grade class went too the Rhythm! Discovery Center With Mrs. Sigman. Our tour Guide's name was Dan. "This is going to be awesome!" Said Cooper from Mrs. Bachman's 3rd grade class. "Yeah!" "I was really stumped when we didn't go last week." Said Allie from Mrs. Bachman's 3rd grade class. 3rd grade had to pay $6.00 too go on the field trip, but wait! Our awesome PTO payed $5.00 so 3rd grade only had to pay $1.00 to go to the Rhythm! Discovery Center! So that is why so much 3rd graders went on the field trip! The Rhythm! Discovery Center was Amazing!!! When we came back we ate our lunch in the classroom!YAY! Best day of my whole entire life! Also remember this= The Rhythm! Discovery center is downtown Indianapolis. Better go there and see you there! Trust me, its the best instrument discovery center in the whole center of downtown Indianapolis. Bye!
Rhythm! Discovery Center Is Cool And The Best Place Oh!

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