Rhea M. 1st period


Thailand is a beautiful country that looks like a flower on a stem. This country is a free country that makes a great life for people. Many southern China people have moved there and have a great living. Thailand mainly exports rubber and teakwood for farming purposes. Thailand is a world's leader in exporting tin and gemstones. Thailand has a population of 62.4 million people. Most of Thailand's people follow Buddhism and belong to the Thai ethnic group. Most of the Thai people live in rural villages, but many people want to get jobs in Bangkok, the capital. Bangkok is a very beautiful place. Here, in Bangkok you will feel as your life is turning into a flower just like Thailand looks from the outside.

Thailand "land of free"

Geography and Climate

The geography of Thailand is important to know about. Thailand has 514,000 square kilometers in the whole country. They have a fertile floodplain and a monsoon climate. That is good for wet rice planting. Thailand has mountains, a plateau, and a central plain. The climate of Thailand is unique too. Thailand has monsoons like most of the Asia countries do. Thailand has three seasons. A warm season, a cool season, and a a rainy season. From mid-May to September is the tropical and rainy season and from November to mid-March is the hot and humid season.

People and Culure

The people and culture of Thailand is very interesting. Most people in Thailand follow the religion of Theravada Buddhism and are in the Thai ethnic group. The Thai culture has different beliefs that has come from a lot of it's neighbors. Buddhism is in Thailand at 94-95%. The minority religion beliefs are Muslim which is about 4-5% in Thailand and Christianity which is about 1% in Thailand. Music, Dancing and Art is big in Thailand too.

Two very important holidays in Thailand are the Thai new year and Loi Krathong. The population in Thailand is 62.4 million people and people live like a great society. In Thailand people greet each other with a small prayer called the Wai. The younger person will first do the prayer to the older person and then the older person will return it. This is a tradition followed in Thailand.

All people should were the religious clothes while going to religious shrines or something like a church. Before praying to Buddha people should remove their shoes. The Thai language has borrowed parts of the language from Sanskrit and Pali. In Bankok and important cities, the standard Thai is spoken but in the inside villages it varies a bit. In Bangkok, English is understood too.

Government and Citizenship

The government of Thailand is interesting. Men and women can vote in Thailand and to be able to vote they have to be at least 18 years of age. Before Thai women didn't get the right to do whatever men could but now things have evolved and it is good now. Still, because of other reasons men are considered to be the ones that can be leaders and do something big.

The government of Thailand is a constitutional monarchy. Thailand has really considered of adding western laws to form the new government of Thailand. The education in Thailand has 12 years of studying. It is divided into two parts , primary education and secondary education which is higher studies.

The justice system of Thailand in also very important to know about. The justice system of Thailand is much like the one in Hong Kong so it is very different for western people to get used to. The court system for them is not with having a jury. They have a judge or multiple judges that specialize at arguments at hand in the court


The economy of Thailand is important to know about. Thailand has the second fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia. The Thailand economy is based on the principles of free trade. Also it is dependent on manufacturing industry.

The economy of Thailand has an open foreign policy. Thailand has very big industries. Thailand mainly exports Agriculture things, furniture, gems, jewelry, leather products, and entertainment things. Thailand mainly imports electronics, oil, iron, steel, and gold.