El Salvador

By, Justin Jung P1 3/24/15

Capitals and major cities

The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador and two major cities are Santa Ana and San Miguel.

History of El Salvador

At one point, El Salvador was controlled by another country. This country was Spain. El Salvador did gain its independence in 1821, but their main language is Spanish.

Geological Information

El Salvador is located in Central America, just below Honduras and Guatemala. The physical features of El Salvador is mountainous, volcanic, and is smaller than Massachusetts.

Government and Diplomacy

The type of government used by El Salvador is a Republic. Their current president, Salvador Sanchez Ceren was put into office. El Salvador has good relations with multiple European countries, America, and Canada.

The Economy of El Salvador

The current El Salvadorian currency is the United States dollar. There economic system is capitalism. The materials they import are raw materials, consumer goods, capital goods, fuel, and food and they get these resources from The U.S., Guatemala, Mexico, China, and Germany. The export goods like coffee, sugar, gold, ethanol, chemicals, electricity, and iron. They export these to Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the U.S.


People should visit El Salvador because of the beautiful beachs, the resorts, and national parks. Some examples of these parks include Montecristo and Cerro Verde or beach resorts like the Las Flores resort.
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