First Grade Conversation Starters


Konichiwa! This week Mrs. Gershowitz made a special appearance in first grade. She came in to share with us about her experiences while living in Japan. Dressed in her Yakata (summer kimono) and geta (Japanese shoes), she informed the students about school, everyday life and food. It was a treat for the kids to learn from her! Hopefully, they will share with you some of the things they learned. We hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

Some ideas to start conversations with your first grader might be…

*What special holiday do they celebrate in Japan on May 5th? (Children's Day)

*What type of kites do the Japanese fly on Children's Day? (Fish kites)

*Please tell about Mrs. Gershowitz's experience in Japan.

*What is Gyotaku? (Japanese fish prints) How did you make them?

*What is an example of a triple digit number?

*What was Mozart's special talent?

Have a great weekend!

Cheryl and Meg

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Japanese Fish Kites

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Gyotaku (Japanese Fish Prints)

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