By Taylor Wade

Where I see conflict

Since there's no way you can shut yourself off from other humans without going somewhat insane,you'll probably run into conflicts a lot in everyday life.Most of the time I see conflict at school,home,stores,practically everywhere.But not just conflicts as in arguments.In school,you can learn conflicts in nature(Earthquakes,ect) ,politics,and between other people. I see conflicts at home when I read or watch shows with them mostly between people.Last, I see conflict in stores to.An example would be if someone wanted to return an item but the clerk said they weren't allowed to.Even though I try to avoid conflicts,theres no possible way to avoid one.

Conflicts in Science-Earthquakes

As shown in the title,a major example for conflicts in science are Earthquakes.Earthquakes are created in Transform Boundaries.Transforms boundaries occur when to plates rub against one another.These conflicts cause a multitude of deaths and destructions of homes.


One of the Largest Earthquakes in the world occurred in Chile.With a magnitude of killed 525 people and 25 people went missing.

Conflicts in Math(Algebra)

Conflict can be shown in math when comparing Quadratic functions.Quadratic functions are equations that come out with a curved line after being put into a graph.If you have to equations to compare all you have to do is put them into a graph and see which ones narrower and which ones wider.If you don't have a Graphing calculator you can still find out which ones narrower and wider by how big the coefficient is.


Equation 4x^2 (compared to) x^2

  • Plug into graph
  • State which ones the narrowest and which one is the widest
  • Answer-X^2- Widest 4x^2-Narrowest

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Conflicts in History-Industrial Revolution

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When you hear about conflict in social studies,you probably think of big wars but there are different conflicts to.The Industrial revolution was the time period when new types of machinery was formed and mills and factories were built.Most the conflicts came from mill/factory owners and labor unions.Labor unions were organizations that fought for better working conditions,pay,and shorter work hours.Labor Unions would constantly argue with owners and protest to get what they wanted.They also had strikes to rebel.A strike is when workers stop working until their demands are met.Any workers who were caught working with the labor unions were fired.Eventually,laws were set to enforce better working conditions.So the labor unions won this unphysical conflict.
Industrial Revolution Link

Gives Details about the Industrial revolution

Conflicts In Literature-Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet Video

The Modern version of Romeo and Juliet.

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One of the most well known conflicts in literature was Romeo and Juliet.If you don't know the story,It's about a boy and a girl from two feuding families who fall in love.They end up marrying each other but both commit suicide at the end of the book.To sum things up,If the family had found a way to resolve the conflict Romeo and Juliet would be alive.