The Backpack

How the Backpack changed over time

The Backpack- Facts

The backpack was used by our ancient ancestors trillion years ago. But who invented it? Some say that Dick Kelty was inspired because he needed to carry his gear. He was intentionally making it for the heavy gear people carry. In 1951, he and his friend experimented with this idea. The frame was made of either metal or wood, with a fabric cover. At home he and his wife tried to make them better, by using nylon or aluminum, and other light materials. After a good sum from those backpacks, he bettered them. In 1956, Kelty added shoulder straps, a padded waist, and zipper pockets. Soon, in 1967, Jansport decided to follow his footsteps. The first backpacks maybe weren't a fashion statement, but over time, people used them more. Now, all students would die not to have a backpack. People behaved differently because of the backpack. People are happier now that the backpack helped them.

These are the names of the group who did it

Vanessa Montes

Thuy Nguyen

Tyra Huynh

Yaribel Morales