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My 15-16 Challenge to You: Read a library book!

It might surprise you that this small library has over 4000 books! There is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. Find some "you" time and read a book for fun this year!

Schoology is Here!

As most of you know, CPS has begun the process of once again changing learning management systems. I feel like since I started working for CPS in 2012, it has been a constant struggle to find a system that works with our ever-changing needs. The newest tool is here now and I hope you'll take some time to play with it and figure out what it can do for you and your class. While I haven't had crazy in-depth training in the system, I am working with it to see how I can use it in my class and I think that it is much more intuitive than the past two systems that we have had. Let me know if you would like to spend some time exploring it together!
Schoology Introduction


Isn't it nice sometimes to get out of your classroom? Remember the library! I know we have a small collection but I promise there are great physical and digital resources available. Let me know if you have project needs and I can compile a resource list. I have a projector and screen now so we can do some digital lessons. Getting kids into the library and helping them to see the great books we have is the first step in cultivating readers!

About the Library

The library is your place for reading, research, and relaxation! Encourage your students to find the library and read.