Maori People

By Phillip Martins and Daniel Shabazz

Maori Culture and Tradition

  • The Maori people live in New Zealand
  • They are the indigenous people of their land
  • About 15% of the population of 3.8 million is of Maori descent
  • Maori believe all human descent from their ancestor Papatūānuku and Ranginui
  • They believe that Kupe was the first Polynesian to discover New Zealand
  • Maori believe that they are related to the natural world
  • The Maori also have a traditional war dance called the Haka

All Black's Haka + Translation

Maori People today

  • The Maori comprise about 15% of the New Zealand today
  • Maori are more diverse in this day and age
  • Some still live in their tribal area but most live in more urban center
  • Most Maori figures are regarded as major national figures
  • The Maori Language is national language of New Zealand
  • In a recent census about 1 in 4 Maori could speak their language

Maori art

  • Maorti art consisted of carving in wood, stone, or bone, geometrical designs in plaiting and weaving, painted designs on wood and on the walls of rock shelters, and tattooing
  • Ethnologists believe Maori art came to an abrupt end when the European settlers came to New Zealand
  • More major carved houses have been built in the last 30 years than in any like time in Maori history
  • Many of the present-day carvers are descended from families which have produced outstanding carvers for centuries