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Shaw Staff Bulletin Vol 32

Quote of the Week: 4/11-4/15

"There are three constants in life...change, choice, and principles."

~Stephen Covey

Virtue of the Week:

The virtue this week is flexibility, which means you're open to change. Flexibility is being open to not always getting your way and having an open mind to the opinions and feelings of others. Make flexibility a focus as you hand out Sundog Tickets or give points on Class Dojo this week.

Weekly Meetings:

  • MAP/CPAA and LAN School training in the upstairs computer lab at 4:00 PM today
  • Staff meeting on Tuesday at 8:30 in the upstairs computer lab
  • Sped meeting Wednesday at 8:30 in the Chateau

Congratulations Science Olympiad:

Way to go to the Sundog Science Olympiad teams Cook and Miller. Shaw was well-represented and we even had four students medal.

  • Oscar Smedley and Randi Bunson-Riffle 2nd place finishers in Deep Blue Sea
  • Daniel Rasmussen and Gatlin Nelson 3rd place finishers in Egg Drop

A special congrats goes out to Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Cook for orchestrating all the fun this year!

Title I Meeting:

There will be a Title I meeting on Tuesday, April 19th at 8:15 AM in the library. This meeting will have the objective to discuss how to utilize Title funds for next school year. If you plan to attend, please bring ideas for next year.

MAP Testing:

MAP testing kicks off tomorrow morning. Lorri is hosting a MAP/CPAA training at 4:00 PM this afternoon to cover Lanschool and NWEA in the upstairs computer lab.

Goals: Please remember to hype up MAP testing by setting goals with your students as well as discussing the Terrific Tester checklist.

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Computer Lab Headsets:

Please teach your students to place their headsets on the keyboard when they've finished using them in the computer labs. Our new monitors are touchscreen and we don't want the headsets to cause an issue with this feature. Also, please remind students to leave the headsets plugged in and avoid messing with with the plugs as they do break easily.

Welcome Back Mr. Russell!

We're super excited to welcome back Mr. Russell! You were missed while you were basking in the warm southern sunshine.

School Psychologist:

This is a reminder to welcome Elizabeth Hanson to Shaw. She will be in for Kristen for the remainder of the school year. All counseling groups will take place on Wednesdays.

Field Trips:

As we move into the extremely busy season of field trips, please be sure to get all your trips on the calendar and meet with Shelley to ensure you have funds to cover buses. Please be sure to include Jackie in your field trip planning so she can be adequately prepared with sack lunches if needed.

Talented and Gifted (TAG) Update:

The TAG program at Finger Lake will be expanding from one teacher to two teachers this coming school year. Other sites were discussed and considered, but feedback from parent surveys helped provide the decision to expand at Finger Lake.

Important Dates:


  • Tue, 4/12 MAP Testing Begins
  • Sat, 4/16 District Elementary Chess Tournament @ CMS
  • Tue, 4/19 Title I Planning Mtg. For FY17 library @ 8:15 AM
  • Wed, 4/20 Band and Choir Concert 2:45 PM and 6:30 PM
  • Thur, 4/28 AIMSweb Testing
  • Fri, 4/29 AIMSweb Testing
  • Fri, 4/29 Archery Competition in Shaw Gym


  • Fri, 5/6 'DRAFT DAY' PD Day (Class Placements)
  • Fri, 5/13 Talent Show
  • Wed, 5/18 5th Grade to Whittier FT
  • Thur, 5/19 Field Day
  • Fri, 5/20 Last Day for Students
  • Mon, 5/23 Teacher Work Day

Need a Sub?

  • Donna Mereness (907) 301-0368–Our building sub T-F
  • Danielle Mangum (907) 306-0350
  • Rosalinda Albanese (907) 229-5739

  • Emily Nokes-Minor (907) 854-5445
  • Lenore Zupko (907) 346-0742
  • Denali Critchette (907) 399-7789
  • Jennifer Clark (907) 373-1999
  • Hari Atmi-Khalsa (907) 376-4601
  • Rosalind Lynch (818) 517-2132
  • Teresa Slaven (907) 373-6369
  • Molly Smedley (907) 376-8230
  • Charlie Yoder (907) 355-2848
  • Leona Bennet (907) 227-9082
  • Bonnie Whitefeather (907)
  • Jody Komis (907) 373-7654
  • Crystal Palmer