Title and Author of the Book?

Michael Vey: Cell Prisoner 25 by Richard Paul Evens

Theme of the book? 3-5 meaningful quotes that represent the story. What do you think the author’s purpose was in writing this book? How are you the same as a character in the book and how are you different from a character in the book? What do you think were the main character's strengths and weaknesses?

Michael thought he was the only one out there but he is not alone.

1.)'How do we know if its the right reason?' My mother looked into my eyes, then said,' if love is our reason we may veer off course sometimes,but we'll never be lost'.

2.)On the inside he's a powder keg of pain, just waiting to explode on someone.

3.) I'd rather be the ONE FOR ALL instead of the ALL FOR ONE.

The purpose of writing this was because to say you are never alone.

How I am Michael Vey well I want powers one thing I am not I don't have powers.

His strength was having his friends His weakness is losing them .

Setting ? What one symbol would represent the book? If you could change something in the story what would you change? How might the story be different if it had happened somewhere else (or in a different time period)? Rate the book compared to the book that you read last quarter-give reasons why you rated it the way that you did?

The Setting first starts at the school, but then goes into the city where they find his mom.

What represents the book is a Lighting bolt.

I would change nothing it is perfect.

They would have never found each other.

I give this book a 10 because it was interesting the whole why till the end.

Book Study